January was a good month for us as a family and in business

January was a good month for us as a family and in business

Edel & Brendan’s wedding brought back lovely memories for me, as it was held at Markree Castle where my daughter was married in 2011. A super location. It was a true winter wonderland in late December on Edel & Brendan’s wedding day and what a handsome couple they made.




Claire’s Phd conferring in York  University Jan 2015

January was a good month for us as a family and a business. On a personal note our daughter Claire was conferred at York University with her Doctorate of Philosophy in Music. A very proud day for Moira & I, her husband Mark and our gorgeous grandson Leo (11 months). A real achievement. Congratulations Claire, well done! We are so proud of you.

And on a business level, January has been a great month for receiving some really positive feedback from clients. In December I made a point of personally delivering orders to several clients so that they had their wedding albums and prints in time to share them with their family and friends at Christmas and for my couples who are living abroad I posted them in good time. Well after Christmas I was so thrilled to get such lovely messages, via text and email and cards. A quote from one which really brought a smile to my face said…‘what a lovely surprise when we came home for Christmas from Toronto, to find our wedding album had been delivered by you to my home in Balla, thank you Phillip’


John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara!

Well you never know what a day will bring! Ive just had a really interesting and enjoyable day restoring a set of ‘behind the scenes’ photos taken on location in Cong, at the film set of the Quiet Man in 1952. Fascinating photos with original autographs from John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, John Ford and many others. Fantastic job! Afraid I can’t show any of the photographs here as they belong to a Private Collection. Are there any other photographs anyone has lurking about it a drawer that they would like to get restored? I’d be very happy to chat to you about restoration as in my previous life in London I worked as a professional retoucher and fully understand this line of work. Phillip